Pioneers in Passive Acoustic Detection

SA Instrumentation Limited are pioneers in real-time autonomous acoustic detection using our Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) process, key for marine mammal and noise monitoring.

Marine Mammal Monitoring Systems

Decimus is an innovative detection and monitoring solution as a stand alone product or for system integrators working in acoustic monitoring.

Mitigate the impact of your projects on the environment in real-time and across great distances with our Decimus range of products.

Data Acquisition - DAQ

Our compact Passive Acoustic Monitoring equipment includes an easy to integrate data acquisition card. Our card is a tried and tested solution for marine mammal research and noise monitoring.

Our DAQ is available as a boxed unit or pcb and has a unique feature of control over the gain and filtering on all the analogue inputs.



Mobile System 

We are currently testing our Mobile System that has been re-designed as an all-in-one package ideal for real-time data acquisition.

Easy to use especially for Marine Mammal Monitoring on the go!

Using our very own DAQ Card and enclosed in a rugged Peli case, it makes a truly portable system.

DAQ Card.jpg MobileWGB.jpg


The SA Instrumentation DAQ card reduced our acoustic set-up from a complex meter square box to a simple, compact system which sat next to our laptop. Not many things that size or price that can synchronously amplify, filter and digitise 12 channels of data at 1MS/s"

Jamie MacAulay from the Sea Mammal Research Unit
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