About SA Instrumentation Limited

SA Instrumentation Limited are pioneers in real-time autonomous acoustic detection. Using Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) processes we provide remotely accessible information worldwide.

Decimus Detection And Monitoring Solution

Decimus® is the new name for the former product  PAMBuoy™ group of products. The new product name is a true representation of our equipment offering and will be used henceforth.

We are a global company with offices, in St Andrews, Scotland, Hong Kong, Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our Technology Partners

We work closely with our technology partners:-  Offering OEM integration, to get passive acoustic monitoring into deeper seas.


SA Instrumentation is part of SOI Group Limited, along with SMRU Consulting, all companies are wholly owned by the University of St Andrews.

For more information about SOI Group Limited, SMRU Consulting and the University of St Andrews visit the following links: