What our clients have to say!

We needed reliable, autonomous, real-time marine mammal detection capabilities, Decimus delivered and then some! This system promises to greatly enhance our ability to train while at the same time significantly reducing the risk to marine mammals"

Chris Garner from United States Air Force, Alaska

I think the uniquely useful thing about this DAQ card is the gain and filtering on the analogue input"

Dr Jonathan Gordon from Scottish Ocean Institute

The SA Instrumentation DAQ card reduced our acoustic set-up from a complex meter square box to a simple, compact system which sat next to our laptop. Not many things that size or price that can synchronously amplify, filter and digitise 12 channels of data at 1MS/s"

Jamie MacAulay from the Sea Mammal Research Unit

“We were able to retrieve quite a bit of data from the Decimus, and we discovered a lot of fish and ondontocete dolphin sounds (whistles and clicks) had been recorded and classified

Professor Joseph Luczkovich East Carolina University, Greenville