Decimus the Bomb Listener

Posted on November 16, 2015

Decimus the Bomb Listener - filming

So the film crew were here on Friday 13th to film behind the scenes of “Decimus” the Bomb Listener here in Tayport.

Hon Yuen of Factual TV, the film maker unfortunately could not attend but Scott and Gordon from Scott Houston Film Makers attended on behalf of Hon Yuen. 

Following the script, they did a grand job in getting the right clips to build the history and development behind Decimus becoming the Bomb Listener for the Marine Conservation Society  project, headed up by Dr Elizabeth Wood.

Hon Yuen will now put together the clips from SA Instrumentation’s HO and Sabah Park, Semporna to create her documentary film which is to be released in 2016.

We will keep you posted as to when the film will be released 

SATeam- ScottHTeam.jpg