PAMBuoy winding up mission in Alaska

Posted on August 28, 2012

PAMBuoy® is just about to complete its second major US deployment. Two units were deployed in the mouth of the eagle river north of Anchorage, detecting and classifying Beluga since the 12th of August.

One unit successfully demonstrated PAMBuoys® long range wifi capabilities, streaming live detection and noise data to a base station more that 2Km away from the hydrophone deployment, detection to desktop in seconds!

The second unit demonstrated simultaneous long range wifi as well as our 3G capabilities sending classified beluga whistle counts to our website every 15 minutes. In fact we just had one in, see the attached pictures!

PAMBuoys® advanced detection and classification allows 80GB of data per day to be reduced to kilobytes per day, that can easily be transferred over modern low power communications links.

PAMBuoy®, a revolution in marine mammal monitoring.

Thanks to the following for enabling the trial,

National Marine Mammal Laboratory(NMML)
Alaska, Department of Fish and Game(ADFG)
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson(JBER)