Acoustic Detection Products

SA Instrumentation manufacture and sell a range of innovative remote acoustic detection products as standalone or for system integrators. Our in-house design capabilities allows us to design customised products where required.

The Decimus® and Data Acquisition Card (DAQ) product range, are ideal for monitoring marine mammals off shore. 

Deploy Our Acoustic Detection System to Guarantee Minimising the Risk of Data Loss

We use unique on-board data compression techniques to handle large volumes of data that can be effectively scaled to travel across short and long distances without additional noise.

Unlike Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) systems that store raw data, our products transmit real-time data daily. Status is generally transmitted every 15/30 minutes giving the user confidence that the system is alive and functional, as well as a summary of how well the detectors are functioning.

Benefits for End User

  • User control 
  • Minimises risk of data loss
  • Users can collect, monitor and report data all from a single package.

The system is monitored, configured and updated remotely via 3/4G/GSM/Wireless thereby minimising maintenance costs.

Device status and detection information is immediately available for viewing on your PC from anywhere in the world.

All our products can be customised to meet the needs of users.

Data just sails through the air to get to you.