Data Acquisition (DAQ)

SA Instrumentation based in Fife, Scotland is a manufacturing expert of a Data Acquisition Card (DAQ) which can be used in the field or at your desktop, and suitable for marine mammal monitoring. 

If you are a Environmental Consultancy, Marine Civil Engineering, Marine Researcher, or you are in Defence or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) then you'll know how important it is to have high quality, reliable, robust technology to ensure you capture your data for processing.

Why use our Data Acquisition Card ?

Our Data Acquisition Card is easy to integrate, it allows for the detection of acoustic data over a wide frequency bandwidth a handy package at a great price.

Our Data Acquisition Card (DAQ) has a Unique Gain and Filter on the Analogue Input   

Our DAQ is available as a standalone product, offered as 4, 8, 12 with a sampling rate of up to 500 kHz, we have also tested 24 channels, and will progress to 32 channels later in the year, we would expect this to have a slightly lower sampling rate, please call to discuss. 

The user has control over the gain and filtering on all the analogue inputs so individually selectable, combine this with a small size and low power requirement it makes our DAQ very practical device to use, especially for  Marine Mammal Monitoring, passive acoustic detection.  

Contained in a metal case the DAQ device is easy to use for analogue audio data collection. Simply connect a Hydrophone or Microphone or other inputs, load the PAMGuard software (other software will be available) and away you go.

DecimusMetalCase.jpgThe DAQ is also available uncased which gives the user or OEM the option to build into their own bespoke system.

DAQ devices come with standard Windows 7 USB drivers and our daughter board provides line level audio output on four 3.5mm jacks.


 The DAQ is an integral part of the Decimus System 

 For more information visit our download page

Price of our Data Acquisition Options

Description Price
  • 4 Channel DAQ Device Metal Case and universal power supply, manuals


  • 8 Channel DAQ Device Metal Case as above


  • 12 Channel DAQ Device Metal Case as above


  • 4 Channel DAQ PCB, manuals


All prices exclude Taxes and Shipping