DECIMUS_Icon_CMYK_Lo_Res.jpg Decimus® Baseline

The Decimus Baseline mode is a software acoustic signal processing platform designed to allow cost-effective, long term detection and widely used in marine mammal monitoring.

We use unique onboard data compression techniques to handle large volumes of data that can be effectively scaled to travel across short and long distances without additional noise.

The majority of Decimus Baseline's communications are IP based to allow for a flexible communication architecture. The platform has been designed to ensure data is securely transmitted to users in real-time.

The Benefits of using the Decimus Baseline 

Autonomous remote update capabilities and data transmission saves users time and money by minimising service and data download visits. The system is monitored, configured and updated remotely via 3/4G/GSM/Wireless thereby minimising maintenance costs.

Data can also be stored on board the unit. This provides potential for: holding extra debug information, long term recording for data audit as well as a buffer for any communications loss.

Device status and detection information can be updated more frequently and is immediately available for viewing on your own pc.

Using PAMGuard software, data is translated into easy to understand graphs for accurate real time analysis.

Decimus Baseline system was first deployed in May 2011 and included Porpoise, Dolphin and Beluga detection within its capabilities. 

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