DECIMUS_Icon_CMYK_Lo_Res.jpg Decimus® Mitigate

The Decimus Mitigate mode is an extension of the Decimus Baseline mode and has been developed to enable simultaneous deployment of units across long and short distances. An array of units can passively monitor an area of interest simultaneously providing the operator with real-time information about cetacean presence.

At present it is possible to deploy up to 32 units that can concurrently monitor areas up to 5 km from the central base.

The Benefits of using the Decimus Mitigate 

The platform has been designed to ensure data is securely transmitted to users in real-time. Autonomous remote update capabilities and data transmission saves users time and money by minimising service and data download visits. The system is monitored, configured and updated remotely via 3/4G/GSM/Wireless thereby minimising maintenance costs.

Using PAMGuard software, data is translated into easy to understand graphs for accurate real-time analysis. End to end user control minimises risk of data loss. Users can collect, monitor and report data all from a single package.

How does Decimus Mitigate work?

The Decimus Mitigate mode currently uses a closed IP network, with the data streamed using a long range wireless modem. The network is setup in a star configuration with direct communication between each remote unit and the central base station.

Data can also be stored on board the unit. This provides potential for: holding extra debug information, long term recording for data audit as well as a buffer for any communications loss.

Device status and detection information can be updated more frequently and is immediately available for viewing via PC from anywhere in the world (providing there is a WiFi)

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