Passive Acoustic Monitoring System 



Decimus is a bespoke system manufactured by SA Instrumentation based at Tayport, Scotland  and used in support of environmental assessments, mitigation measures and scientific research.

Applications include

  • marine science research 
  • marine construction civils
  • environmental consultants
  • defence & security
  • oil and gas 
  • OEM 

Acoustic Monitoring Technology Experts

As acoustic monitoring technology experts Decimus® is right at the cutting edge of technology, and provides an innovative detection and monitoring solution for system integrators working in acoustic monitoring and data acquisition.

Our customers have chose to use Decimus® because of the benefit of using low power technology to enable large scale data compression and transmission, remotely and in real-time.

Where To Use Our Acoustic Monitoring System?

Decimus® has a range of deployment options, including fixed terrestrial and marine mountings, buoys and as a payload on Autonomous Vehicles for example Liquid Robotics Wave Glider.

Specialising in Marine Mammal Acoustic Monitoring 

Decimus® is supplied with core electronics encased in robust IP65 housing, it has been designed to withstand harsh environments. The complete base station fits inside a carry on flight sized case, with only an antenna and cable required to complete the system.

The system is monitored, configured and updated remotely via 3/4G/GSM/Wireless thereby minimising maintenance costs. Detection data can reach your desktop in seconds.

Device status and detection information can be updated more frequently and is immediately available for viewing, this can be done via PC from anywhere in the world (providing there is a phone signal).

The units can either be powered by:

  • mains power source
  • batteries
  • solar panels (supporting batteries)

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