Mobile System

SA Instrumentation provides a range of custom solutions designed according to our client needs and the Mobile System is one, clients came to us wanting everything in one manageable case that could easily be transported on and off boats. 

So, we redesigned the packaging, if you need a solution and you think we can help then contact us to discuss your requirement further!

Available soon

We are currently testing the new mobile system that is ideal for real-time data acquisition.

The system integrates the SA Instrumentation Data Acquisition Card, a Touch Screen Window's 10 PC with lid mounted HD display and connection for up to four external Hydrophones.


Enclosed in a rugged Peli case, containing a rechargeable sealed battery, all the above electronics, making a truly portable, go anywhere, lightweight system. 


Analogue Audio Data collection using:-

Hydrophones, Microphones, Geophones, etc. with or without pre-amplifiers can be adapted 

High Volume Data Analysis 

Marine environmental noise measurement/recording and analysis including marine mammal vocalizations

Terrestrial noise and sounds e.g. bats, structural stress and civil construction work

Ideal for single or multi-channel applications in research, industrial & security applications

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