PAMGuard, Sophisticated PAM Software

PAMGuard is a sophisticated software package designed to address the fundamental limitations of existing cetacean passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) software capabilities.

PAMGuard has been designed to provide the world standard software infrastructure for acoustic detection, localisation and classification for mitigation against harm to marine mammals, alongside the development in desktop processor performance. This software enables high quality data processing alongside auditable settings resulting in reliable data analysis and presentation.

The commonly used detection algorithms include a 'click detector' designed to identify transient sounds (echolocation clicks) and a 'whistle and moan detector' designed to detect whistles and moans from dolphins and sperm whales. Management software ensures that the hardware, data management, communications and power systems are operating efficiently, and that all detection algorithm updates to PAMGuard are immediately available in Decimus and the DAQ card.

PAMGuard offers a great deal of flexibility and power, whilst allowing users to initialise a series of user-defined detection modules. It, therefore, provides the capability of detecting and classifying a wide range of marine mammal species and can be tailored to client specific needs.

Decimus and PAMGuard working together 

A specially designed version of PAMGuard for Decimus and the SAIL Data Acquisition Card has been developed to enable low power consumption and processing power.

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