Passive Acoustic Monitoring 

Decimus and our Data Acquisition Card have been designed with the customer in mind. Our products minimise the risks associated with time and location delays by returning data to you on a daily or more frequent, if desired basis, giving confidence that project timelines can be met.

Conventionally, surveys for marine mammals have used visual techniques to search for animals at the water surface. However, sighting efficiency can be severely affected by weather conditions; it rapidly decreases in rough seas, is curtailed by factors such as fog and it cannot be used during the hours of darkness.

Our products will assist with ...

  • Risk Reduction, real-time detection and data transmission
  • Fast, accurate and reliable data collection, our unique data compression techniques filter out any additional noise so you receive high quality data when you need it
  • Cost saving, autonomous and remote control and upgrade minimises service and data download visits
  • Bespoke monitoring, analysis and reporting, the frequency, focus and detail of analysis can be customised according to user requirements
  • Extensive range of noise measurements capabilities - SPLs, SELs, 3rd octave bands, dBht 
  • World leading data analysis expertise, our association with  SMRU Consulting  gives users access to high quality services and advice around the world in applied research and provides high quality consultancy on marine mammals and EIA issues.